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After 7 successful years as advertising agency,
also winning several awards for print based campaigns,
we decided it is time for something new.

We have seen the power of getting a raise in trust, thousands of reviews,
insight data in your brand, ambassadors and of course more of the happy
and positive guests you really want.

To help you using this power and to optimize your guests experience,
we will become part of the FrischWald Group in 2019.

At FrischWald Online Marketing, short OM, we analyse,
manage and help you to reach the next level.


Contact 0043 664 522 72 73


Projects & Clients
Reiters Reserve – Leaders in hospitality
Schalk Mühle – Order healthy food
Frischwald NN – Freshcosmetics & Supplements
Petra Lindenbauer – Ceramics